I was inspired to learn how to play the guitar at age 15 in 1990.  My older brother was bringing home classic rock records and cassette tapes that his older friends were sharing with him.  I quickly identified with the lead guitar riffs from groups like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Pink Floyd and the Allman Brothers and was touched by the diversity and depth of Neil Young. So off to the local music store where I purchased a Yamaha electric guitar, a small Marshall amplifier and a Mel Bay method 1 book.  I started learning parts of my favorite rock tunes and tore through the method book within a couple months.  I then approached my parents to see if they would pay for private lessons and they quickly agreed as they could sense my passion.  Thanks Mom and Dad!


All Styles & All Levels

Pre-College Experience '91-'93:

  • Private guitar lessons with Vince Corson (rock, jazz, fusion and classical guitar).  
  • Classical guitar instruction with Martha Banghart.
  • Classical guitar ensemble rehearsal and performance with Martha Banghart.
  • Music theory with both Vince and Martha.  
  • Guitar chair for my high school jazz band during my senior year.
  • Piano 101 course during my senior year. 

Between Vince and Martha, I developed a love for all styles of music and the two are very responsible for creating a solid foundation that turned into a collegiate career.  I graduated high school in 1993. 

Collegiate Experience:

'93-'94 Essex Community College.  I studied classical guitar under Julian Gray of The Peabody Conservatory, and as luck would have it, this was his last year of work at the school.  This was a stepping stone to clean up my less than perfect high school GPA.  I then transferred to The Peabody Conservatory under Julian's leadership.  

'94-'96 The Peabody Conservatory.  I continued studying classical guitar performance under Julian Gray.  At that time the conservatory did not offer jazz or contemporary music studies.  After 3 full-time semesters at Peabody and 5 full-time semesters with Julian, and after a hard thought decision, I transferred to Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts to finish my schooling within contemporary styles of music.

'96-'98 Berklee College of Music.  As is the Berklee way, I studied with many talented and caring instructors, too many to name.  My concentration was jazz/fusion music.  I graduated in December of '98 with a Bachelor's of Music Degree in Guitar Performance.

Work Experience:

I was lucky enough, and hard-working enough, to enjoy a tremendous music education.  I wouldn't change any part of it if I could. The diversity of styles and approaches were priceless.  Now it was time to get to work...

'99-present, Private Guitar Instruction.  At my home studio, Mars Music, All About Music and The Boys Latin' School. 

'99-present, General Business Performance.  I have always enjoyed the occasional jazz/fusion gig and jam session and the Turner/Dorsey Guitar Duet played corporate gigs with a latin/world-beat/classical flair.  I mostly enjoy the art of education and reserve the "special" moments of live performance for selected events.

'05-'08 Instrumental Music Director at The Boys Latin' School of Maryland.  With an invitation from Kathy Anderson, I created, developed and maintained the BL instrumental music program.  I sought out, rehearsed and directed rock bands, jazz combos, classical ensembles, guitar ensembles and taught theory skills.  I directed many live concerts throughout the school year and developed a close relationship with the Theater Arts program where my student musicians would perform music interludes during the department's two annual plays.  I very much enjoyed my tenure at BL but after much soul searching I decided to return to self-employment and resigned from my position in June of '08. 

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