Guitar Lessons in Baltimore

I believe that all guitar students must develop a credible foundation, like a solid piece of architecture.  If a home has a solid foundation, that home will survive generations of families.  If a guitarist has a solid foundation then he or she will enjoy a lifetime of exploring and sharing music with themselves and potentially an audience of their peers.

All Styles & All Levels

First and foremost, what do you wish to play?  What tunes?  From what artists? What style or styles?  Then we get to work in a fun and relaxing atmosphere.  Above and beyond that, my students will eventually develop an understanding of triad and seventh chords, major and minor scales, triad and seventh arpeggios, rhythmic interpretation, fretboard awareness, left and right hand technique, left and right hand synchronization, and a basic understanding of music theory.  Reading music notation and learning right hand finger-style technique will be highly recommended.

With this foundation you will be able to conquer any style that you wish to perform whether it be rock, blues, jazz, fusion, folk, country or classical.    

My wish is to create a musician, not just a guitarist.

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