Plus - Music Theory & Ensemble Rehearsal 

Learn to play music, today!   Guitar lessons in Baltimore / Towson.

All Styles & All Levels

​Music is an international language, an expression of your soul, a personal statement of how you artistically perceive and interpret the world around you.  

Most people are drawn to one form of music or another, and some are drawn to many.  Most everyone enjoys listening to music, to whatever degree, every day of their life.  

Some people decide that listening is not enough; they will learn how to play music. 

This is where the music educator plays a pivotal and respected role. 

I love music too, and I have very much enjoyed sharing my craft with hundreds of music enthusiasts throughout my career. 

If you wish to learn how to play the guitar from scratch, or sharpen your current skill-sets, or possibly prepare for a collegiate career then we must get to work; come take guitar lessons in Baltimore / Towson right now.  Life is too short to be a spectator... 


Greg Dorsey

Baltimore, Maryland ​

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